Some of our work:

Ohio City

Partnered with Cypress Collective to handle redesign and redevelopment of Built with Drupal to provide highly customized client-management of varied content.

Cleveland State University

Primary consultant leading Cleveland State University's Web Services (IS&T) department in their migration from static HTML site to Drupal CMS serving nearly all departments, offices, and colleges. Train, strategize, support, and develop with the team.

Councilman Joe Cimperman

Site designed by Twist Creative and developed by Substrate. Built with Drupal to for customized content management by Councilman Cimperman and his staff.

Tunnel Vision Hoops

Designed site with Brian Bornhoeft, and developed Drupal-based site with Drupal Commerce back-end.

GardenWalk Cleveland

Designed site with Brian Bornhoeft. Developed Drupal-based site, produced maps for print, and managed design and production of print Guide, designed by Brian Bornhoeft. Logo by HPM Consultants, Inc..

Cleveland - Cuyahoga County Food Policy Coaltion

Designed and developed Drupal-based site. Logo by Brian Bornhoeft.

Local Food Systems

Re-designed Drupal-based site, and consult on Drupal development. Logo by Fizz Creative.


Handled on-going Drupal development, web design, (site originally built and designed by others,) and Linux virtual private server administration.

The Bridge Project

Implemented design and developed Drupal-based site for the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative. Design by CUDC.

Sullivan Street Bakery

Built design as Drupal theme and developed Drupal-based site.

The Cleveland Colectivo

Designed and developed Drupal-based site.

NEO Food Web

Developed Drupal-based site.

Selected Clients

Bobby Jackson  •  Boondock Walker  •  City of East Cleveland  •  Cleveland - Cuyahoga County Food Policy Coalition  •  Cleveland Colectivo  •  Cleveland State University  •  ClevelandBikes  •  Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization  •  E4S - Entrepreneurs for Sustainability  •  Earth Day Coalition  •  Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland  •  GardenWalk Cleveland  •  GreenCityBlueLake Institute  •  Growhio  •  Lee Fisher  •  MetroHealth Friends of Mothers & Infants  •  Ohio City Bicycle Co-op  •  Ohio City Inc.  •  Ohio City Pasta  •  Selective Mutism Group  •  Sullivan Street Bakery  •  Symphony Publishing  •  The Ohio State University  •  The People for Joe Cimperman  •  Tremont West Development Corp.  •  Tunnel Vision Hoops